Swift County Parks, Drainage, and Wetlands

Services and Responsibilities:

Specific duties include:

  • Maintenance of two County parks
  • Inspection of all County ditch and tiling projects
  • Inspection, repair, and replacement of 280 miles of County ditches and 500 miles of County tile lines
  • Spraying and removing noxious weeds in County ditches
  • Coordinating all wetland activities including provisions of the 1991 Wetlands Conservation Act.

Redetermination of Benefits 2023 Information:

H2Overviewers is the company that will be doing this project beginning in January 2023. The RoB will be conducted on all the ditches within Swift County, excluding joint county ditches. 

What is a redetermination of benefits?

Q&A from July 20th Informational Meeting

H2Overviewers website - (218) 201-0066


Swift County Parks