Best Places to Work

Opportunities Abound

Thanks to its economic diversity and proximity to Willmar, Morris and Glenwood; the Swift 县 area offers a multitude of career opportunities that are yours for the choosing.  Explore current employment openings, create an account and 搜索 by community, 占领, 关键字, or telecommute options! 

Minnesota Works

Whether you’re interested in working for a larger company or a smaller firm, the Swift 县 Area is home to some of the best companies to work for in the region.  From 医疗保健 to Agribusiness to 制造业, the Swift 县 Area offers the full spectrum of job opportunities among a wide range of employers.  You can choose to work at an international powerhouse like CNHi, Agriculture Co-ops like Glacial Plains or West-Con, help a renewable energy or biofuels firm develop innovative solutions for efficient sustainable power like CVEC, or participate in the rural healthcare revolution at Swift 县 Benson Health ServicesAppleton Area Health Services, or Meadow Lane Rehabilitation 医疗保健 Center.  Over the next seven years, numerous jobs  will be available in fields like 医疗保健, Transportation, Financial Services and Agriculture.